It’s strange that I am creating a brand new blog for the first time in years. But it is really exciting for me because I am starting something new and do something that I’ve always wanted to do: create a blog that people will read.

I have read countless blogs from others such as, Carly from The College Prepster, Jen from Food, Love & Life, and Lauren Conrad and thought, “man, I wish I could create a blog like theirs” or “I need to create something that has more depth compared to my tumblr or any other blogs I have created throughout my adolescence” — and I finally am doing it! I never found the time or anything inspiring to write about in the past, but I guess it’s those things that people say, “you make time for things you want.” But please do be kind and bare with me since I am so new to everything!

But any way, I will go ahead and end with this quote that describes this goal that I am embarking on:

xo, Susan


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