MLK weekend

Wow, I completely underestimated the difficulty of keeping up with a blog. I have serious respect for those who do this on a regular basis.

After my friend, Abner mentioned to the fact we both rarely post anything on our respective blogs, I decided to finally catch up with everything within a few posts.

In January, I spent my MLK weekend in Atlanta with some friends of mine.
There was a huge deal on MegaBus and I bought my roundtrip bus ticket from Gainesville to Atlanta for only $11!


One of the first places we went to eat after arriving in Atlanta is a place called Hankook Taqueria,which is a infusion of Korean-American and Mexican taco truck-style place.


We all ordered a bimbimbap, which was not only on Alton Brown’s “Best I’ve Ever Eaten” list, but it is known as a Korean signature dish. It contains beef, vegetables, fired egg w/ pepper sauce on top of rice. I think this was my favorite item that I ordered during the entire trip! (That is saying a lot because I basically ate food during the whole entire trip)


After a long day, we winded down with some boba tea at Quickly! It is seriously the best tea I have ever had and it was way cheaper than any boba place in Florida. A 16 oz with boba is only $2.50 and a 24 oz for only $3.50! They also had yummy Taiwanese chicken nuggets as well.


One of my childhood best friends, Hannah, decided to pursue her dream and audition for The Voice! I captured a quick picture between her and her husband, Joe before she had to go into the building.



After the audition, we got lunch and went to the Olympic Park, where the 1996 Summer Olympics was held, and the Georgia Aquarium, which is known as the largest aquarium in the world.





After taking a nap, studying for psychology research methods exam at the hotel, I met up with some of my UF friends and went to eat at The Highlander, which was featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives! We had the Jamaican Jerk Chili, Pasta-rella sticks, and Kari Kari.


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